Custom Area Rug – Cleaning and Maintenance

A couch and a mattress don’t necessarily vary. The repair method is also almost the same so there’s no particular distinction. Yet more effort and skill needs to be poured into sweeping up a mess when it comes to a couch. This is because, particularly when it’s a doormat, it is subjected to more foot touch than carpet. A design area rug is no different, so the same goes with it.

Rugs are used for differing purposes. So depending on this, you have to provide a cleaning method appropriate to the reason for which you bought the rug. If you’re purchasing a rug as a doormat it’s clear that it would need to be washed more often than every other rug in your house. But if you ordered it for a dining room table as under cloth you won’t have to vacuum it as much as you should.

Rugs basically ought to be vacuumed at least three or four days a week. You can at least carry it outside because it is a doormat before washing it with a vacuum cleaner so that the pollen will not induce harmful allergic reactions in the building.

Besides this all the surface rugs will be washed with a shampoo every six months at least once or twice. Most carpet shampoos are used to disinfect the carpets. Make careful to obey the directions provided on the package and ensure careful the carpet is not stained. Many of the shampoos offered nowadays come with sweet fragrances that will leave your rug looking like it has been dipped in deodorant liters.

You don’t even have to sweep the rug occasionally as vacuum. It is enough enough to carry it outside and smash it against a wall to get rid of the collected particles. This is somewhat better than using a vacuum cleaner that might not get rid of small pieces of grass or splinters of wood trapped in between the bristles.

But I would not recommend a hard bristled broom for cleaning your rug. Such bristles can lead to the faster wearing down of your rug. If you are going to use a broom it had better be one of those with the smooth bristles because these are not rough against the carpet.

Having this rug is not exactly a blessing but that does not mean you mustn’t treat it as such. Take care of it as if it were your baby and it won’t tear too quickly.